Villa Melissa | Managed by The Luxe Nomad


Villa Melissa is fully staffed with a stellar team that guarantees you an amazing and relaxing time for the whole duration of your trip.

Villa Manager

The villa manager oversees the overall operations of the villa, including leading the staff and ensuring
that your expectations are met.


Butlers are available round the clock to attend to any of your requirements or needs.


Housekeepers clean the villa daily to ensure that your stay is comfortable.

Private Chef

The in-house chef can prepare any meal of your choosing. You may select dishes from our suggested
menu or work with the chef to plan your perfect meal. Special dietary requests are accepted.


An Engineering team is available to attend to any issues or repairs needed.
This team works for the whole estate.


Our Gardener ensures that the gardens are maintained and clean during your stay.


24-hour security is ensured as our security team of 13 people is available for the whole estate.